The Ultimate Pack of Disks for Tape conversion To DVD. 


Pack of 25 Blank DVD disks Perfect for bundling with your upcoming conversion project to convert VHS, or camcorder tapes to DVD.  These DVD disks are conversion tested and reccomended by our specialists at Digitape to get the job done in one go. 


Perfect for big bulk conversion as they have double the size at 8.5GB space compared to the normal size of 4.2GB. This means it's great for tape conversion. Old tapes could have anywhere between 60-120 minutes of footage on them, that amount of footage would not fit on one standard sized DVD disk.

With 'Aone' disks you can fit your entire single tape onto one single disk without losing any quality, compared to spreading them out over multiple disks. And with a pack of 25, its almost guarenteed to cover you for almost 25 tapes, that's a massive saving in disk prices. 


  • DVD+R DL Plus Format
  • Dual Layer disc allowing 8.5GB of data to be stored.
  • Full Face Inkjet Printable Surface.
  • 2.4x - 8x Speed Recording
  • Package: 25 Disc Spindle Tub.

25 Pack Aone DVD+R Blank Discs 8.5GB DUAL LAYER - Perfect For Conversion


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